Monday, April 21, 2008

Flea Market Finds and Weekend Reading

Happy Monday everyone!

I decided to work on a few projects yesterday and since it rained ALL day long, I thought I'd get out the sewing machine. I loved making that Eiffel Tower pillow that I posted about here so I though I'd make yet another French Inspired pillow. Can you tell I absolutely adore anything French??

so, here it is and like the previous one, I was again inspired by a cute vintage postcard.


Then, as promised, here are my latest flea market finds...these two items below are going to go into a swap gift package that I'm working on. (Just a little sneak peak Rhonda!!)
I also found this adorable wall hook made out of a glass doorknob. It's a reproduction but soooo cute all the same. It's one of the few things that I will leave exactly as I found it. I'm going to put it in my kitchen and hang a few of my aprons on it.Lastly, would you look at this super cute bed tray? I'm going to repaint it in a softer, creamier white to make it look fresh. Then, I'm going to decoupage the removeable tray part of it with a soft blue and creamy beige toile fabric remnant that I have. Once all of that is finished, I will antique the whole thing. Can't wait to start working on the tray but I have to hold off until we get a sunny day and it dries up a bit outside. Then I can paint it out there!
After many indoor games played with the kids and a bug making session, (plastic bugs made from sqirtable goo - what can I say, we have 3 boys!!) I got a little free time while they played with the V-Smile. So, I had a chance to read my new Romantic Homes magazine and a new book from the library called "French Country at Home" What a beautiful book!!
Here are a few pages from the book for you to enjoy...

And finally, a project that I completed last week but never had the chance to post.

I was at the Goodwill store and found this lovely obelisk plant stand for $5!! Very cute but definitely needed a makeover.

So here is the completed stand holding a few of my favorite things...

my sweet nest from the extremely talented Heather of Pretty Petals Boutique

A cute little cherub that I bought at an antique store about 5 years ago...
I have a neat little story about that antique store. Before my husband and I got married, I lived with three roommates in this really cool old house. The house was built in the 1700's and had served many uses throughout the years. It was at one time a tavern, a hotel and I believe a post office too. Anyway, I moved out when I got married and then several years later, my mom and I were antiquing in that same town. We stopped by "my old house" to see if any of my roommates still lived there. I had been out of touch with them for a couple of years and was going to surprise them with a visit. However, when I got there, we discovered that the house had been sold to new owners who turned it into an antique store! Of course we had to go in! It was kind of neat to walk into my old room and see all of the pretty things in there and the kitchen where I used to make so many meals was all full of candles and cute handmade soaps! One day if I ever make it back there, I'll have to take some pictures. I found that cute cherub on a shelf that was tucked into an alcove at the top of the stairs(where I used to store my off season clothing - LOL)

And here is a little heart shaped pillow that I made

Have a wonderful Monday and stay dry if it's raining where you are!!

xo, Erin

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Spring In Bloom

Today was such a beautiful day!! Temps in the 80's with the most wonderful warm breeze! Spring is definitely in the air and we're seeing evidence of it in all of the flowers and trees too. We decided to take a walk today and enjoy it before doing some planting in the gardens. I am finally getting around to planting a rose garden this year. But more about that in a minute. First, would you just look at these beautiful Bradford Pear trees?? They're blooming all along both sides of our street so this is the view out our front door - gorgeous!!!

This is the view looking down the street
same street, just a close-up picture. I always look forward to the trees' beautiful show in the Spring as well as their magnificent color burst in the Fall.

Anyway, back to the garden. I had shrubs and plants in there that were getting a bit out of control - especially the Vinca. They have beautiful purple flowers but to tell the truth, they're just taking over and choking everything else out. So...out they came today. After lots of digging and pulling, digging and pulling, the roses finally went in. Poor hubby was removing roots as big around as my leg! Even the kids were getting into it. We planted "Pink Peace" roses. They're a wonderfully fragrant hybrid tea rose and as the name implies, they're a deep pink color. Can't wait 'till those babies start blooming - Mmmmm!!!

I also have some pretty pink Peonies to plant, however, I couldn't quite decide where to put them, so I'm holding off for a couple of days.

So after all of the garden work, I spent some quiet time in the library picking up a few books that had arrived from the BIG library in town. One of which is Sandra Evertson's book, "Fanciful Paper Projects" Great book by the way!! I'm sure a lot of you have already read it but I'm a little slow - LOL! I also tried to get "The French Inspired Home" by Kaari Meng. I have "French Inspired Jewelry" and I adore that one so I can't wait to read this one! Can you believe our library doesn't have it?

So then I decided to make some cookies for dessert because the ole' sweet tooth started speaking. We grilled hamburgers outside this evening and had a nice cookout so the cookies were a delicious finish!
Okay, so I might go and eat one right now but only after I make a cup of tea first. Then, I have some catching up to do on my Tivo'd (ha ha, that's what I call it) Martha Stewart Crafts on DIY Network. Oh my gosh, I think I have like 15 episodes recorded now so I have GOT to catch up. Not all in one night of course!

Okay, I shall return tomorrow with some new and fabulous flea market finds that I plan on fixing up this week. Maybe even tomorrow if time permits - we'll see. I'll post a few sneek peak pictures!

Have a happy evening everyone out there in blogland and until tomorrow...

xo, Erin

Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday Flea Market

Welcome to Friday Flea Market!
Pictured below are this weeks offerings. Remember, if you click on the words "Friday Flea Market" on the right sidebar, you can visit all of the blogs that are participating! For your convenience, you are more than welcome to pay using Paypal or you may pay with a money order. Just leave me a comment on this post or send me an email if interested in anything that you see. Items will be available on a first come first served basis and shipping will be determined by your zip code.
Thank you so much for visiting today!

Here we have a cute set of 2 scrolly candle sconces. I have painted them a creamy, shabby white and then applied rose decals on either side. There is only one pictured, but you will be getting two in the set.
$10.00 for the set of two

Sweet vanity tray. This started life as a cake stand but when it lost it's pedestal, I decided that it would make a great vanity tray! I painted it white and then added a pretty rose. Voila!! A lovely vanity tray


Shabby cottage-y wall shelf. Isn't this adorable?? Two keyholes on the back for easy hanging!


Thank you for visiting and have a happy Friday!!
xo, Erin

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I'm Back!!! Swaps, Soccer, Scrapbooking - Oh My!!

I have been MIA far too long - LOL!! I have missed blogging so much. While I did try to travel around blogland and make lots of visits, I didn't get very far. We've been pretty busy around here.
I have to show you my most recent swap though. This is a package that I received from Keke over at Cherry Kingdom for the "I Dream of Spring" swap hosted by Vintage Indie! Would you just look at how beautifully she wrapped this?! Keke wrapped it in a wonderful piece of lovely floral fabric. She then wrapped that in tulle and then tied everything up in a pretty satin ribbon complete with pink ric-rac and vintage milinery flowers. It was topped off with an adorable Spring carrot! So cute and I LOVE it!!
Inside this fabulous package was the most gorgeous vase which I tucked my paper roses that I made into. She also enclosed a wonderful vintage book, a beautiful tea towel
as well as these amazing French postcards for me to frame and put in my kitchen! I love it all! Keke was so thoughtful in everything that she sent to me. I had so much fun with this swap!!
Thank you Keke!!!
Now, here is what I sent her.

A vintage wooden purse filled with flower seed packets, a pair of gardening gloves and some vintage clothes pins that I painted.

A cute vintage lamb planter and a vintage flower frog.

Such fun! what else have I been up to?? Well, soccer started for the kids and we've been attending practices and they had their first game this past Sunday. They had a blast and they love soccer!! Hubby and I have been having fun with it too. It's so much fun to watch them play and to see their faces light up! Middle son even scored 2 goals - YEAH!!!

Then, I have also been working on a very special scrapbook. The Staff Appreciation Committee at the kids' school asked all of the room mothers to make a scrapbook for the teachers to show their appreciation for all that they have done for our kids this school year. I have been working on that. It's been a lot of fun to do - I just love scrapbooking! So anyway, I'm using the Foof-a-La Hall Pass pages to do this one. Definitely school themed and I love the vintage look of it. I sent home papers for each of the students in the class to decorate in their own special way and then when they return them to me, I'll compile everything into a finished scrapbook. I'll definitely post pictures of the finished project. I'm excited about it!!

Anyway, that's what I have been doing lately. Thank you all for your nice emails and some comments too inquiring about where I have been and also for your well wishes! You all are so kind - you're the best!!

Oh, and one more thing...look at this COOL moth that was on the front of our house today. It was so pretty, I just had to take a picture of it. I've never seen one like this but my son swears it paid us a visit last year because he remembered seeing it.

Have a great day everyone!!

xo, Erin

Sunday, April 6, 2008

An Award!!

I am excited, thrilled and honored to have received this award from Jennifer at Dust Bunny Hostage! You have to go and read her blog. What a fantastic person. She is a warm, caring, beautiful person with a wonderful sense of humor! All of these lovely qualities rolled up into one person - FABULOUS!! And...we have the bunny/rabbit thing in common - she's my sister hare from another mister hare - LOL!!
I would like to pass this award on to:

Thank you Jennifer, so much!
Now, go and check out her blog, you'll enjoy it!

Also, for those of you who love buttons as much as I do, you have to check out the Button Floozies! I have joined the blog so come on over after you have visited Jennifer!! It's going to be lots of fun!

Have a fantabulous Sunday and God Bless!!!!

xo, Erin

Saturday, April 5, 2008

A Fun Little Pillow

I found an old French postcard with the Eiffel Tower on it as well as some pom-pom trim that I had in my craft room and voila - instant inspiration!! I made a cute little accent pillow for my slipcovered wing chair! My son even helped! I was thinking that I might make a few more and put them in the Classy Rabbit Boutique! I hope you all are having a fabulous Saturday!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Friday Flea Market

Welcome to Friday Flea Market!
I just discovered this fabulous idea last weekend and thought it would be such fun to join in! So, here I am and I hope you enjoy browsing. If there is anything that you would like to purchase, please leave me a comment on this post or, if you prefer, you can email me and I will let you know what the shipping cost will be, based on your zip code. You may pay with a money order/cashiers check or Paypal if you prefer. Items are available on a first come first served basis. There are several other blogs also participating and you can view the whole list by clicking on the words"Friday Flea Market" on the righthand sidebar. Directly under the red and white polka dot blog button. Thank you so much for visiting Friday Flea Market!!

Sheer vintage cafe curtains sprinkled with pink cabbage roses
$10.00/pair - there are 2 pairs available

Cute little pink box with sweet pink birdie on top


Pretty canvas-like laundry bag covered in sweet pink roses.


Vintage welcome sign - I painted it a creamy white with pink lettering then distressed it slightly


pretty sheer vintage cafe curtains covered in pink flowers

$10.00/pair - one pair available

Two sets of salt and pepper shakers. I painted the screw-on lids black - I would use these for decorative purposes only since I painted the lids

Cute little wicker wall sconce/shelf. You could probably put one of those little battery operated flickering tea lights into a pretty votive holder and place it on the shelf.


Shabby and sweet little candle holder. Wouldn't this be adorable with a cute little nest and bird inside. It looks just like a pretty little bird cage!


Well, I hope you have enjoyed browsing Friday Flea Market and I thank you for visiting!!

xo, Erin