Sunday, October 21, 2007

Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday everyone!

I made white chocolate scones today with toffee crunchies sprinkled on the top. They were so delicious with a cup of tea this afternoon! I spent the better half of the morning with the kids organizing their rooms and now they have a friend over so they're busy playing and having a good time.
So, I have been thinking about how I need to re-do my craft room. (I've been inspired by Penny over at Lavender Hill Studio) You'll have to take a peek at her blog.
I have a challenge though. My crafting room is in an unfinished part of our basement. I need to figure out a way to make the room as cozy and girly and shabby chic as I can. All while the exposed studs and wires and water heater are keeping me company - hee hee! I think just getting it organized will be a huge first step and I do have some white fabric hanging to hide the 2 X 4 studs. Actually, despite all of these things it really is a great space. I just need to cozy it up a bit. Any suggestions?? Please?? LOL!
Anyway, I do hope you all are having a fabulous Sunday afternoon and I will check in a little later to share that delicious scone recipe!
Have a lovely day!


Deanna said...

Hi Erin,
my goodness those scones look delish! You must give us the recipe. As for decorating your space...hmmm. I'll have to get back to you on that

Have a great day,
Deanna :)

Cottage by the River said...

I really enjoyed visiting your site. have a wonderful week.


Sweet Remembrance said...

OK...I want one of your scones!
It looks so yummy...