Monday, November 26, 2007

Christmas Thought of the Day

29 Days Until Christmas!!!

Candlelight and Starlight
By candlelight and starlight came He then,
To kindle Hope of Peace in hearts of men.
And every Christmas candle on the sill,
Reminds the world that Hope is burning still.
We see a promise in it's glowing beam
Of one day the fulfillment of that dream.
By candlelight and starlight came he then;
May star and candle light his way again.
~Helen Lowrie Marshall

We're going to go to a neighbors house today to help her decorate for Christmas. Lots of garlands to hang and decorations and lights to put up! I love to decorate and since my house is all finished, she asked if I would come and help her out. The kids don't go back to school until tomorrow and she has five of them so all of the kids can play and have a good time while we decorate! Fun times!!! Have a great day everyone!


Nunnie's Attic said...

You're a good neighbor! After doing all of mine I don't think that I would be in any rush to do it all over again.


Julie said...

I enjoyed visiting your blog. Can't wait to see more!


Cherry's Jubilee said...

hello Erin! Nice to meet you. Enjoyed looking at your thrift finds (I too love to go thrifting, garage saling, etc) Anywhere to find a bargain, right? Your family is adorable! Will be back. cherry