Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!
I always start thinking about Spring right after Christmas. I know we're only 10 days into winter but I can't help focusing on Spring. I don't know, maybe it's my longing for the warmer days or maybe it's simply the sense of renewal that the new year brings. A brand new year, a chance for new beginnings. Whatever the case, I'm ready to start spring cleaning as soon as the Christmas decorations come down!

The very last day of was a good day!

The morning started out in the vet's office...our little hamster has "wet tail." When we purchased her, the saleslady at Petco told us that this could happen. She told us what to look for and gave us the number to the vet's office. Sure enough, Lucy got it. I noticed all of the symptoms last night. She was a little dehydrated so the vet gave her a shot of fluids under her skin which will be absorbed to correct the dehydration. She is also on antibiotics for 7 days and Petco covered all of the costs! I sure learned a lot about hamsters today!!

I'm happy to report that Lucy is feeling much better now and even got a chance to play a little with the dogs!

The boys and I stopped for lunch on the way home and then when we got home we played cootie. I promised them we would play it today. Do you remember that game from when you were growing up? I always loved it! the kiddies are in bed and I think it's finally time to play with my Christmas toys! My dear sweet husband got me a brand new Epson Picture Mate Personal Photo Lab!! Can you say scrapbooking??!! And look at these beautiful papers I got as well...

Mmmmmmmmmm...I love all these shades of pink

I think I see a few blissfully quiet hours of scrapbooking in my future!!

Happy New Year everyone...may 2008 be the best yet!!!

Stay Safe!!

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