Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Good Morning!!

Good Morning Everyone!!

I have lots to post today but alas, it's 5:40 in the morning and we have kids to get ready for school, I have grocery shopping to do, a field trip to help chaperone with my son's class - it's gearing up to be a pretty busy morning but when I return home this afternoon, I hope to sit down here at my computer and post away!!

One thing first though that cannot be delayed because I am so excited about it - I got an award!!! My very FIRST award, from Rue over at Rue's Peanut Butter and Jelly Life!! Thank you, Rue! I'm doing a little happy dance, can you hear me singing with delight??

Thank you !!

I am to pass this award on to 10 others and I was tagged for a meme too so I will definitely do that when I return this afternoon! Everything will be included in a post this afternoon.

Oooohhh, and I have some new goodies for my shop that I will be adding, so stay tuned...I'll see you this afternoon!

Have a lovely morning!!

xo, Erin


Beverly said...

Love that dish of buttons. I'll check back in for more beautiful things this afternoon.

Kari & Kijsa said...

Fabulous...love the buttons!

Have a blessed day...

smiles, kari & kijsa

Jillian said...

Hi Erin! I hope you don't mind, but you've been tagged, by me. Come on over to my blog and see what is going on...

Susie Harris said...

those cupcakes look sooo good! Nice to meet you, smiles... Susie

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Lovely basket of goodies and very pretty pictures. Love the random facts - so fun.

Rue said...

Hi Erin!

I just got back today, so I stopped in and when I saw this post I had to say that you are so welcome and so deserving of it :) Okay, now off to read more... ;)


Joy said...

Love the doves. Did you find those at a market too?