Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I'm Back!!! Swaps, Soccer, Scrapbooking - Oh My!!

I have been MIA far too long - LOL!! I have missed blogging so much. While I did try to travel around blogland and make lots of visits, I didn't get very far. We've been pretty busy around here.
I have to show you my most recent swap though. This is a package that I received from Keke over at Cherry Kingdom for the "I Dream of Spring" swap hosted by Vintage Indie! Would you just look at how beautifully she wrapped this?! Keke wrapped it in a wonderful piece of lovely floral fabric. She then wrapped that in tulle and then tied everything up in a pretty satin ribbon complete with pink ric-rac and vintage milinery flowers. It was topped off with an adorable Spring carrot! So cute and I LOVE it!!
Inside this fabulous package was the most gorgeous vase which I tucked my paper roses that I made into. She also enclosed a wonderful vintage book, a beautiful tea towel
as well as these amazing French postcards for me to frame and put in my kitchen! I love it all! Keke was so thoughtful in everything that she sent to me. I had so much fun with this swap!!
Thank you Keke!!!
Now, here is what I sent her.

A vintage wooden purse filled with flower seed packets, a pair of gardening gloves and some vintage clothes pins that I painted.

A cute vintage lamb planter and a vintage flower frog.

Such fun! what else have I been up to?? Well, soccer started for the kids and we've been attending practices and they had their first game this past Sunday. They had a blast and they love soccer!! Hubby and I have been having fun with it too. It's so much fun to watch them play and to see their faces light up! Middle son even scored 2 goals - YEAH!!!

Then, I have also been working on a very special scrapbook. The Staff Appreciation Committee at the kids' school asked all of the room mothers to make a scrapbook for the teachers to show their appreciation for all that they have done for our kids this school year. I have been working on that. It's been a lot of fun to do - I just love scrapbooking! So anyway, I'm using the Foof-a-La Hall Pass pages to do this one. Definitely school themed and I love the vintage look of it. I sent home papers for each of the students in the class to decorate in their own special way and then when they return them to me, I'll compile everything into a finished scrapbook. I'll definitely post pictures of the finished project. I'm excited about it!!

Anyway, that's what I have been doing lately. Thank you all for your nice emails and some comments too inquiring about where I have been and also for your well wishes! You all are so kind - you're the best!!

Oh, and one more thing...look at this COOL moth that was on the front of our house today. It was so pretty, I just had to take a picture of it. I've never seen one like this but my son swears it paid us a visit last year because he remembered seeing it.

Have a great day everyone!!

xo, Erin


Jo Anne O. said...

This is a lovely Luna moth! I have seen them in photos, but never in person...what a rare one!

Beverly said...

What a wonderful swap, and you both received such lovely things.

I love scrapbooking, too. I am currently participating in a circle journal. This is the second one I have been in, and I love it.

Rebecca said...

Ooo what a fun swap! Both packages are gorgeous. :)

Jennifer said...

Oh I love that vintage stuff!! Those postcards are sooo cute!!

Feathering My Nest said...

What lovely treasure and fun swap.

The soccer games must be fun. I should get my six year old started in it.

I enjoy scrapbooking too. I have not done it for awhile, but I still love it.


Mrs. B said...

Hi and welcome back! Those postcards are just soooo cute! I'm sure your scrapbook will turn out great. Can't wait to see it!

Counting Your Blessings said...

I love those pink and blue clothes pins. We had a Luna moth last summer that scared the liver out of me when I opened the back door but not nearly as much as the hand sized wolf spider that was waiting under our trap door! =) Blessings... Polly

Rue said...

Good Morning Erin :)

You have been missed! What beautiful thngs you two swapped.

Congrats to your son for making the goals :)

The moth kinda freaks me out though LOL

Have a beautiful Saturday!
rue :)